October 7, 2021

Much like real estate, one fo the most important aspects to photography is location. Picking the location for your session can often be a reflection of your personality. If you’re an outdoorsy person, I would recommend Turkey Mountain or the Wichita Mountain’s. If you’re a homebody, I would suggest the coziness of your own house or your favorite coffee shop.

Here are my top five favorite locations.

  1. Turkey Mountain.

Turkey Mountain is a great place to get that beautiful outdoor look without having to drive outside of Tulsa. You get the option of the plush green trees, funky rocks, or the fairy-tale tall grass fields.

2. The Greenhouse at Woodward Park.

This greenhouse is a neutral Lightbox and a DEAM to take photos in. The greenery and white-framed glass provides an urban but elegant location.

3. 21st Street Bridge.

This bridge is such a fun and funky location. The pillars provide and cool optical illusion down below, and the Riverside pathway above provides some greenery to mix up the background. If you’re looking for a location that’s more edgy, this bridge is the place to go.

4. The Wichita Mountains.

The Wichita Mountains is a beautiful location with a breathtaking landscape. If your a couple or family that loves to get outside and go on an adventure, the 3 hour drive is definitely worth it!

5. Downtown Tulsa.

Even though Downtown Tulsa is relatively small, there are lots of cool locations to take photos. The historical architecture and wide streets create a modern and urban background for any type of session.


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