Matt & Rachel — Merrick Hollow Wedding

May 3, 2022

This wedding day was absolutely beautiful. For a January wedding, the weather was *chefs kiss* Matt and Rachel got married at Merrick Hollow, which is a beautiful venue tucked away in what feels like an enchanted forest. They spend their day surrounded by loving friends and family, including all of their climbing students.

I always encourage my couples do to things their own way. If that’s including every single tradition in the book, go for it. If it’s throwing out the book all together and eloping on the side of the mountain, do that! This is YOUR wedding day, so make it yours. Matt and Rachel had a short and sweet ceremony in front of all their friends and family as they laughed and smiled and stared lovingly into each other’s eyes.

The reception was a casual charcuterie board hang out (with a few chess matches thrown in). After all the guests left, we dimmed the lights, gathered a few lit candles around and had a sweet father & daughter dance and an intimate first dance. It was just close family. It was sweet, and unique, and a perfect way to end the most beautiful wedding.


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